InstaPot/ Instant Pot Review: Best Electric Pressure Cooker of 2019

As we are progressing ahead, technologies too are going parallel with us. the time of the early’s is left very far behind, and we are in the modern period. this time we are here to tell you about, something very interesting appliance which you have heard of or maybe not. we here are talking about ‘insta pot,’ also called instant pot(by its brand name).

As we are progressing ahead, technologies too are going parallel with us. the time of the early’s is left very far behind, and we are in the modern period. this time we are here to tell you about, something very interesting appliance which you have heard of or maybe not.

we here are talking about ‘insta pot,’ also called instant pot(by its brand name). Instapot is a kitchen appliance which is a smart multi-use, programmable pressure cooker. it makes cooking very easy, efficient, stylish and interesting too. there was a time when early men had to struggle a lot for the survival food, at that time no one could just imagine something called instapot. if you are not yet very clear about instantpot, here’s an in-depth explanation of this wonderful appliance.

Instant Pot Models:

Pressure Cooker
Slow Cooker
Rice Cooker
Sauté/ BrowningYesYesYesYesYes
Yogurt MakerNoYesYesYesNo
Egg Cooker
Cake ​MakerNoNoYesYesNo
Pressure CookingOnly HighHigh/Low




Size​6,8 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.6 Qt.6 Qt.6 Qt.
Built-in Programs1013151614
Custom ProgrammingNoNoYesYesYes
Cooking Progress IndicatorNoNoNoYesNo
Altitude AdjustmentNoNoNoYesNo
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What Is An Instapot?

An Instapot is just like a Pressure cooker that cooks food much faster and that too with great safety. The product is very clear by its name only as it suggests it is built for fast and instant cooking.

Now you all might be wondering what makes a difference between a pressure cooker and an instapot? Well, the answer is quite simple. You all are quite aware that pressure cooker is very dangerous as if it does not go accordingly, it might get burst resulting in great damage. At the same time, instapot are very safe to use and also has been passed by ten proven safety mechanisms. It’s a fact that you’ll have no more complaints of bursting or burning. Besides this, an important side of instapot over pressure cookers is that they run on electricity, which saves the fuel and is quite reliable.Moreover, Instapots are multi-purpose and can be used for cooking a variety of things.

So now you do not have to purchase a different appliance for your kitchen. Just have an instapot, and not only save the place in your home but also make the cooking process very effective and stylish. Just imagine when some relative visits at your home and you are engaged in cooking in the kitchen for a long. But, if you have this amazing revolutionary gadget along with you, it’ll be quite quick and safe for you to cook. You can cook your food anywhere at any place with no restrictions.

So now you do not have to purchase a different appliance for your kitchen. Just have an instapot, and not only save the place in your home but also make the cooking process very effective and stylish. Just imagine when some relative visits at your home and you are engaged in cooking in the kitchen for a long. But, if you have this amazing revolutionary gadget along with you, it’ll be quite quick and safe for you to cook. You can cook your food anywhere at any place with no restrictions.

Looking at instapot’s features on a quick note. An Instapot is a rice cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan, steamer, boiled egg maker, slow cooker, warmer and many more.

very first feature is that it is a multi-purpose appliance. You can use this as a pressure cooker, simply stuff warmer and for many things.

It has an easy to use control panel that makes cooking very easy. Many options like steam, yogurt making, and manual cooking are available in the panel. Around 14 built-in programmes are set on the control panel that makes this appliance completely a user-friendly.

Next feature it has is 24hrs Delay Start Timer. This feature allows slow cooking which is very advantageous if you are busy in some of your stuff.

It also features Dual Pressure and automatic keep warm technology. Dual pressure permits it to cook at high as well as at low pressure.

Instapots are also very durable; its pot is made of 3 plies stainless steel material that ensures its safety and long-term usage.

As we all know that using fuel gas to run gas stoves is non-ecofriendly. It pollutes the environment as well is harmful too. But an instapot is an energy-efficient appliance. It runs on electricity and does not produce any pollution. Also, it saves your electricity bill too.

It is UL and ULC certified device that ensures the safety of you as well as of your kitchen. It is passed after ten safety mechanisms.

Some of the additional features that few instapot models possess is the one called Altitude adjustment. This allows it to cook food more precisely without any guesswork.

It has cooking process indicator that tells you about its working and monitoring.

An additional steam release reset button lets the pot to release steam manually.

Do You Need An Instapot?

There are many reasons to buy an instapot, some of the reasons are explained below.

One of the biggest reason to have an instapot is that it is super quick and fast. Cooking on the gas stove takes many hours. You gonna had to spent a lot of time in the kitchen, with great complexity.

Another reason to have this multi-purpose instapot, it is very portable and easy to handle. If you want to get rid of bulky utensils and heavier gas stoves, then you’ll not find a better option than this appliance. It is stylish, compact and easy to carry from one place to another. After having this product, your cooking will not be limited to just kitchen.

If you are curious to try for new-new recipes than cooking it in an instapot is purely a bliss. This new generation product allows doing this in a classic and elegant way.

If you want to invest some of your money, then having an instapot will make your work very easy. These are not inexpensive but the features and advantages it yields, it makes worth of your money.

Various Instapots Available

There are various models of instapot available in the market. Let us now look at that and find out which one is ideal for you. Different sizes and models support different function, so look carefully amongst the various.

The first we have is LUX model that comes in size of 5,6 and 8 Quart. Next, we have DUO model that comes in size of 3,6 and 8 Quart. Also, there’ a DUO Plus 2017 model that comes in 6Quart. Next is SMART model which is a 6 Quart instapot. Another model joining this 6 Quart instapot is ULTRA model. All these models come one after the other, which means there’s a constant improvement in the features and technique of the instapots…

LUX Model

It is 6 in 1 instapot, which is considered best for economical cooking. It can be used for a pressure cooker, slow cook, rice making, saute and warming the stuff. On the control panel, it has got nine different controlling program options for different types of cooking. Looking at its inner structure, it consists of stainless steel that keeps food warmer for more time and also supports faster cooking.

One important feature of this model is, you get an option to choose from three different saute and slow cook temperature. This makes cooking easy and effective. Also, there’s a feature of delay timer that allows you to cook for a longer time, even up to 24hours. Looking at its downside, it does not allow low-pressure cooking, that means cooking will be done at high temperatures only. Also, it does not support yogurt making, which might upset the consumers. But if this is not part of your kitchen, then it is a good option for simple cooking.

DUO Plus Model

It is a 7 in 1 instapot model that comes with all the requirements that were not featured in the LUX model. It supports yogurt making and also there’s an option for the adjustment of high or low-pressure cooking. Onto the control panel, there are many features and buttons involving rice cooking, steam, warming pot, yogurt maker, and temperature/pressure adjustment too available. The cooking in this model is quite quick and easy. Also, there’s an option for delayed programmable start time. Slow cooker option permits you to leave food for some time without worry of getting burn. So there’s not an issue if you forget the food over the pot. Its pot is made up of stainless steel and has extra space on the handles. The food is cooked at a 15psi rate, which is considered very well. Also, the pressure adjustment feature makes it a top one, as different food require different pressure for cooking. By yogurt making feature, the 24-hour task can be completed in just 9 hours. The most important feature of this instapot that, it is smaller in size as compared to LUX model. This increases its portability and stability. Also, this is the most recommended model for the buyers.

Smart Model

It is also a 7 in 1 instapot model but is fully loaded with lots of features. This model is considered to be an all-around model as it does everything that the others instapots are unable to do. You now might be wondering that what makes this product different from the other two’s. Well, its name only suggests its future. If you thought that your phones and TVs are only smart, then you are wrong. This instapot model is no less smart than them too.

It has a unique feature of Internet and Bluetooth technology which makes it a Smart Instapot. How does this Smart instapot help you? Well, its Bluetooth and internet technology allows you to control temperature, pressure, and timer of the pot through your smartphones. Now, you don’t have to remain standing in front of the pot and waiting for your food to be cooked.

It will be your phone which will act as a remote for your instapot. On its control panel, you are given three different saute temperature, slow cooking temperature, and a unique keep warm temperature too. Also, there are two delay time options through which you can delay your cooking.

Do not worry if you forgot your food cooking in the pot; it will automatically notify through status in your mobile phones. One factor which can prevent you from purchasing this model is its affordability. But trust me this highly innovative and advanced model truly worth it.

Which Model Is Ideal For You
Well, this depends on your requirement and usage towards instapot. Also, on how much features you are looking for. You can opt for the LUX model if you have a limited budget or if you need just simple cooking. At the same time, you can also opt for SMART model if you have a great purse. In my opinion, DUO Plus will fulfill all your kitchen needs without giving big harm to your purse. The model is very decent and supports almost every kind of cooking. If you have a 4-5 member family, then this multi-purpose pot is sufficient to meet up all your requirements. As said earlier, the model supports yogurt maker, egg-boiler features and is highly safe to use, as it is a UL and ULC Certified. All these salient features make DUO Plus, a highly recommended and most favorite instapot.

If you have purchased an instapot, but you are confused on how to operate it, then following step by step process will help you. Yes, it is a superb device, but it is not a magical. You’ll have to accordingly for the results. So let’s begin the process from unboxing till the cooking.

Unbox It

Open the box, and you’ll find a bigger and well-designed instapot. The cooking just doesn’t begin here. There’s a lot to do before that. Most importantly, you’ll have to learn the operating of this appliance. But after doing that, you’ll be the master of your kitchen. Different models have different looks, so just don’t worry about its appearance and exterior. Beside the appliance, you’ll find an instruction manual and a chart. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. Since cooking in instapot is done by pressure and steam, so basic settings is to be done in it. So, read the processes carefully.

Do A Water Test

​Before you begin cooking with your instapot, here’s a short suggestion which we’ll request you to do. Just perform a water test before you begin. It is just a few minutes steps, so don’t just worry. The main purpose of this water test is to examine whether the seal is working properly or not. Look the following steps to perform the water test.

Insert the metal pot into your instapot
Now add about 2 cups of water in a metal pot
After doing this, place the lid and lock it. Make sure it is inserted properly.
Turn the pressure release valve to ‘sealing.’ This is a most important step which you should keep in mind.
Press ‘Manual’ option from the control panel.
Press the (-) key till five does not appear on the display plate. Your instapot do not have any start button. Nearly about 30 seconds, your instapot will be turned on. On display, you’ll find a switch from ‘5’ to ‘ON.’ This simply means machine had started building pressure.
After the completion of 5 minutes, the float valve should lift from its place. Note that you do not see any steam coming or escaping out of the pot. The moment float valve seals the pot; the display will shift from ‘ON’ to ‘5’.
After completion of the cooking time, do the ‘Quick Release’ by turning the valve to ‘venting.’ Make sure you keep your hands and face away from the valve when during the pressure release.
If all things go accordingly, then be ready to begin your cooking with instapot.

Dealing With The Control Panel

To work with an instapot, it is necessary that you know how to operate the control panel. When you plug your instapot then after filling the ingredients and closing the lid, you’ll hear a chime sound, that indicates lid has inserted properly. Also look that vent is pushed downwards before cooking. As we’ve said that there are multiple-program buttons on the control panel, you must know which button supports which type of cooking.

On the left side you get

Soup- For broth-based soups.

Poultry- For cooking of Chicken pieces.

Meat/Stew- For stew meats, brisket, ribs, etc.

Beans/Chili- For cooking of dry beans and chili.

Saute- This feature is added to new models of instapot. With this, you can saute the food cooking in a pot in the same way like you was supposed to do in your gas stoves.

On the right side you get:-

Rice- You can use this button for cooking white and brown rice.

Multigrain- For cooking of Barley, Bulgar, and Quinoa.

Porridge- For Oatmeals.

Steam- For cooking various vegetables.

Slow Cook- This is an advanced feature that turns your instapot into a slow-cooker.

On the center

Manual buttons- By using this button, you can manually set the timings for cooking of your dishes. Once you are familiar with your instapot, it will be easy for you to use this feature.

How To Set Timings- For all newbies who do not know to set timing for cooking, following steps will help you in that:-

After plugging your instapot, press manual or any cooking program option to start.
Now in the display, either suggested cooking time will appear or one which you used last time in that mode.
For adjusting the cooking time, use (+) or (-) keys right there.
An important thing that (+) (-) buttons only adjust cooking time. For temperature adjustment, you have to press ‘adjust’ button.

Knowing The Vent And Ring

Over the lid of your instapot, there is a vent from where steam release takes place. Most of the new users stay confused that what to be done with this vent. In simpler words, while cooking turn the vent down or turn it anywhere right or left to release the steam.​

Natural Release- After the food is cooked completely, the instapot beeps. At that time you don’t touch the pot. It automatically(naturally) release the steam and the pressure gets normal back again. Now you can open the lid.
Quick Release- When the food gets cooked completely and the instapot beeps, you can turn the vent either right or left to release the steam. But there’s still pressure inside the pot; the lid will not open. Just wait for some time till the pressure falls. Please make sure whenever you ‘Quick Release,’ use any wooden part or any other thing to turn the vent, as it may happen that a lot of steam gets escape out. It may harm your hands.

Rubber Ring- Inside the lead, there’s a rubber ring present. It may happen while cooking it to attain stains. You can take the rubber ring out of lid for cleaning. Wash it with hands in soapy water. I better suggest using separate rings for different types of cooking.

Just Plug-In And Begin

We’ve shared all the useful and basic information regarding an instapot, so just plug the cable and begin your cooking.


Following listed are some of the common mistakes which you should prevent to do while operating your Instapot.

Always Use Ring
You are provided with a seal, i.e., a rubber ring onto the lid of your instapot. Make sure that ring is correctly inserted when you make use of the device. As you know, the cooking in an Instapot is done through steam and pressure. So when you do not use the rubber ring in the lids, all the steam generated for cooking will escape out of the pot and your food will remain raw as it was initially. So please take care that you use a rubber ring before making instapot into use.

Think About InnerPot
There’s an inner pot present in the gadget from where actual working takes place. Say it a mistake or anything, but many of the people just fill the pot with all the ingredients without thinking about the inner pot. As a result, the appliance gets disturbed and damage. And after such, it will stop working and functioning. To get rid of such situations, make sure that while filling the pot, it stays in the line of the inner pot.

Let The Pressure Build Up
Yes, an instapot is a device that does cooking at a faster rate, but if you challenge its speed, then it will not deliver the result. Many of us, to reduce the cooking time, do not allow the instapot to build up the pressure and as a result, cooking does not take place. The appliance is better than all other cooking units but when done under proper pressure. To avoid such circumstances, you just have to be patient and let the pressure to build up on its own.

Inappropriate Amount Of Liquid
Instapot delivers the best results if everything is done accordingly. Many people who are not so experienced in cooking fails to understand the proportions while cooking. The same thing happens while cooking with Instapot too. If sufficient amount of water is not added to the pot while cooking, then steam will not be generated, and no pressure will rise. As a result, food will not get cooked properly and will remain raw or uncooked. At the same time, if water is added in excess amount onto the pot, it will take more time for cooking the stuff. It too may happen that your dish will get a stick or get loose. To stay safe from such situations, add the appropriate amount of water initially and then in little amount whenever required.

Using The Timer
There’s a manual option available on the control panel that allows you to adjust cooking timing according to you. But most of the users are confused with this timer button, as they do not know the exact time required to cook the food completely. Whenever you apply the timer in any of the programme available in the control panel, it will start the programme after the time which was set has passed. Most of the users use timer and expect the running of pot, but actually, it is a reverse process. Using timer delays the cooking of your food.

Crossing The Mark
There’s a certain limit of the pot to carry ingredients. There is a maximum level line marked over it. Intentionally or unintentionally, if you exceed the limit mark, the cooking will not be done properly. What happens is, cooking in instapot is done through steam.and pressure. So when food is cooked in it, it expands to a level. And if it is already filled above the mark then food will touch the lid of the pot. To avoid this, always fill the ingredients till the marked level or even a little below that, so that your food gets cooked properly, as steam needs space to expand.

Do Not Put On Stovetop
Mistakenly or anything, it has been heard that many of the people put their instapot directly on the stovetop. This is the most common and the biggest mistake by the user that has very harmful effects. It will not only damage your pot but also is highly risky too. Putting your instapot directly over the stovetop can cause big-big damage. But, if you have to put it on the stove, make sure you use a wooden plate in between the instapot and the stovetop.

Quick Pressure Release

Cooking needs attention whether it is cooked on a stove or an Instapot. Most of the users are unaware or unknown that how to use ‘Quick Pressure Release.’ If a user is cooking a foamy food and at that time he uses this Quick Pressure release, then chances of splattering may occur.

Rice Button For all Rice
Many of the users use rice button from the panel to cook every rising. Later on, the complaint about improper cooking. Different types of rice require different rice to water ratio and cooking times. So to solve this problem, it is suggested to cook in manual option for controlled cooking time.

Hot Liquid Or Cold Liquid
Many users come up with the complaint that their food remains uncooked and raw. It was later found that they begin there cooking by pouring hot water in the instapot. Using hot water to cook food faster reduces the cooking time as the pressure inside pot is already high. Now when pot is heating up and pressure is rising, food in pot starts cooking and this time of cooking is shortened. As a result, food come out be raw or undercooked. To avoid such, use cold or normal temperature initially.


Here are some of the most common products which you should have along with your instapot. These are not must to have but if you have, then it increases the ease of cooking.

Glass Lid

One of the most important thing which you should have with your instapot is glass lid. Glass lid is a material that covers your metal pot. It is used to keep the food warm as well as fresh. Using glass lid also prevents splattering of ingredients while sauteing. By using glass lid,cooking rate also increases.


When you open the lid of instapot, hot steams escapes out of it. Whenever you cook food and wants to uplift the metal pot (which is very hot), you’ll need a glove to do so. The inner pot of instapot gets sinks down as the cooking progresses. So to take it out these gloves are necessary.

Steamer Basket

Look for a steamer basket that fits the size of your instapot. These are preferred to have with you as these have longer handles.

Springform Pan

A springform pan is one whose bottom can be removed. If you are curious to experiment new dishes in your instant, then it will require a springform pan. For example, cheesecake is a dish that require the same.

Silicone Cover

Silicon covers are one that acts as an air-tighter for your pot. The purpose of using silicone covers is to keep the food fresh for hours. If you do not like cooking at late night, then this product will solve your prob. You can cook your food whenever you want and can refrigerate it by covering it with silicone cover. And during the mealtime, you’ll get the fresh food.

Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender is cordless blenders that mix the ingredients and makes a good consistency product. These are available in various colour options. Using this with your instapot is purely a bliss. You can use this while making of soups, chowders,etc… It thickens the consistency of your liquid soups.

Extra Insert

For more easier and faster use of an instapot, you can have an additional insert for your device. You can make dishes in advance and can refrigerate it. Now just take it off from the refrigerator and put it on your instapot for ready meals.

Extra Sealing Rings​​​​​

After cooking food, it is necessary to remove rubber ring from the lid and wash it. Generally, rubber rings breakdown after certain time and that’s the time to replace it. Rubber rings are available in various colour options. You might also have noticed that rubber rings smells after cooking. So you should have additional sealing rings for better use of appliance. I would suggest to have different coloured rings for different type of cooking.

Another Instapot

If you have a bigger family,meanwhile one instapot cannot fulfill your requirement, then having another instapot is no regret at all. Moreover, if friends and relatives regularly visits at your home, then having another instapot will make your work more easy and fast.

You have purchased instapot but if you are still confused that what recipes you can cook with it, then we’ll help you in the same. Here are some of the very easy dishes to begin your cooking with instapot.

Instapot Crack Chicken-It is the very easy recipe to get started with your instapot. However, the dish is not very healthy, but it’s too yummy and tasty.

Instapot Pot Roast:- If you are a foodie and wants to roast chicken pieces for your meal, then your task will be easier with instapot.

Instapot Chicken Legs- Chicken legs that takes a lot of time to cook, is quick and fast when cooked in instapot.

Mexican Tamales- One of the most loved Mexican dishes is no far away from you if you have this wonderful instapot. It will steam your ingredients in about 25 mins. And you’ll finish your cooking in about 1 hour, including washing of instapot.

French Dish Sandwiches- So easy to cook with your instapot. Just cook this amazing French Dish Sandwiches in about 2:30 hours, with 15mins of prep time and 100mins of cooking time.

Lemon Garlic Chicken- A simple half an hour dish cooked with super ease in your instapot. Just turn on saute mode to prepare the dish.

CONCLUSION:- Concluding for Instapot in few words will be a very difficult task, as the appliance is fully loaded with features. You must thank new generation technologies that give rise to this amazing product. The moment you touch the product, you can feel the quality on your own.

Instapots are superbly designed with metallic finish all around. The cooking pot is of stainless steel nature which has a good capacity of holding. The upper lid is very stylish in look with a vent over it.

Having an instapot not only makes your cooking process simpler but also makes it faster. It cooks food at about 70% faster rate. These work on electricity that saves the fuel energy used in gas stoves. It supports various types cooking, and you can choose the manual.Cooking too. So whether its party home or at the picnic spot, all you are gonna need to run an instapot is electricity.

This product will truly revolutionize your’s cooking process. So Should you buy it or not?? If you go with my opinion, then you should have this wonderful product. I bet you that after having this at your home, you’ll not have even a single percent regret. But as always, the last and final choice is yours.